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 Welcome please look around our site, below is a list of updates on projects we have completed, Please see our Gallery to see more detailed photos of work being carryed out please note items at top of page are newest. Projects will be removed from bottom as new work is completed, however gallary will not have items removed.

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Hulk GuitarThis project is still in work this shot is mid way through design,

Yamaha Fz 400This project took quite a while to complete, the original panels were not in the best condition on arrival, as a result they required a lot of prep work and block sanding to get them to a good condition to paint, once this was done myself and client came up with colour scheme he already knew layout of the bike but was not sure on the colours we would use. In the end we decided on a nice clean bright white and black pinstripe and a bright metallic orange Nemo was born (mainly because once we finish it was commented it had same colour scheme as a clown fish) Because of the nature of the orange we had chosen 2 base coat system all panels were painted black first then black pinstripe was added before hole lot was masked and orange applied and finally parts were cleared (lots of photos in gallery under Bikes.

Skull Themed PS3 .Customer saw a white skull Playstation 3 I did about a year ago and requested a duplicate, with a few small alterations. This is Solid white with airbrushed skulls on front panel and also rear, all parts are removed and refitted.

Comic Themed Xboxs.Been working on few Xbox s base on a Black and white theme this is the Punisher version again very simple graphic hard black and white, this one also includes quote from 2004 move in blood red on underside.

Comic Themed Xboxs.Been working on few Xbox s base on a Black and white theme currently have this Spiderman in black suit, also Punisher one on way, These Xbox are painted in pearl white with hard comic book style graphic painted in solid black over top.


Ford Focus St Wheels
Set of Ford Focus St wheels customer wanted wheels refurbed but wanted someing a little different from simple silver, we decided to paint them a mixed deep blue grey, just to finish look we added blue flake which was lightly added as not to over power look.

19inch Bmw Wheels
. Set of Bmw wheels, when wheels arrived there condition was not to bad despite this they still have curve damage wheels painted in a high gloss white, a rainbow sparkle was then added this gives the wheels a fantastic finish in the sun, however in normal light they simply look white, very nice end finish.

Split Rims BBS
. Set of BBS Split Rims restored and painted. Full Photos in Gallery in Wheels section and on Face Book basicly wheels were split and sprayed in 8 sections 4 rims and 4 faces. Pics in gallery

Tinted Skoda Lights
. Standard headlight from Skoda just slightly tinted for client, lights are slightly scuffed up to key them then a darkened clear is applied trick here is not to make them to dark

Merc Vito
We are now working on a new demo van and hope to have it for this years show season pics up soon. 

Starlet Boot Pan :-Full Boot Repaint, Starlet customer has it striped out however the floor pan was damaged and scratched and in general need of refresh. This as you can imagine took some masking up to due to roll cage and fixed driver and passenger seats.

 Golf Alloys restored:- Golf Gti wheels Restored as photo below shows all polished areas very badly corroded as a result these were all cut back to remove damage few areas were curbed so these were also fixed, wheel were then painted 2 colours faces were painted same silver as car and inner sections were painted one off cobalt blue.  


Transformer Engine cover:- VW bora cover, first task cover was washed to remove any oil grease then whole front was filled then sanded cover was primed then sprayed white, after which graphics where added. Last task final details added then cover was cleared. Step to Step images on Facebook

Polo alloy wheels:-Set of alloys wheels for polo, wheels fully preped all marks removed and filled spryed in a light met gray, then cleared with purple flake, sanded then cleared again. Effect is hard to catch on photos.

Envy Performace Supra:- Bumper fully re-painted and center tooth removed off spliter area. Damage on bumper removed, this paint job was complicated as it is a Hok Kandy, these can be very difficult to colour match as a number of variables can effect finshed result including, gun pressure no of coats, base coat colour, below is a before and after shot.


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